Cole Trejchel

Electrical Engineer

One of Cole Trejchel’s guiding mantras is that, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count—but the life in your years.” It makes sense, then, that Cole is focused on filling his time with a broad range of experiences. 

Cole started out as an intern with SHP; now, as a full-time electrical engineer, he is heavily involved with the “out-of-house” architects when working on projects, as well as the electrical design for many commercial bank buildings scattered across the nation. He also has a hand in SHP’s amusement park projects—“which is quite a different experience from the normal building designs we’re used to!” he says. 

A 2023 graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Cole particularly values the opportunity to learn from his co-workers and looks forward to continuing to grow his professional skillset.

What excites me most about my work at SHP is how approachable and versatile our team is.