Charlie Jahnigen

Executive Vice President

At SHP, our mission is to serve our clients, provide them with the best possible product, serve the communities that we reside in, and better the education experience for future generations. For Charlie Jahnigen, working with these goals in mind is a dream come true. Charlie has been with SHP for over twenty years and has established himself as an optimistic leader who is always putting others’ needs ahead of his own. 

Charlie has a great passion for the architectural field, as he has proven to be a master on the topic and has been recognized for his work in the past. Still, he goes to work day in and day out in hopes of seeing that he was able to propel people closer to their desired professional role and be remembered for making a difference in people’s lives.

I hope to look back and see that my career involvement helped or improved many people’s lives,” said Charlie. “I also want people to remember how hard I worked and how much I cared about each and every project with SHP.