Brian Lutz

Technical Leader

There are some people for whom “getting into the weeds” is a pleasure and a joy. Self-described “technical nerd,” Brian Lutz is one of them. Good thing, too, since — in his role as a technical design leader — Brian is responsible for overseeing overall specifications, quality assurance and technical design for projects of all sizes generated out of our Columbus office.

An associate of the firm, Brian has also proven himself to be a helping hand wherever possible.. Whether it’s through relaying a past experience or sharing an article or product reference, he derives great satisfaction from helping to bolster a co-worker’s design decision-making process.

Getting the right fit between design intent, budget and the client's wants and needs is my favorite part of the job,” said Brian. “I really hope to have a deeply satisfied client at the end, which means really understanding their goals and incorporating them into our project together.