Allison McKenzie

Vice President
Director of Environmental Responsibility

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2006, SHP director of sustainability, Allison McKenzie, quickly found a home with SHP, and has now worked her way to the top of her department. In her current role, she balances her responsibilities as an architect and project manager while also working to establish SHP as a leader in sustainable design.

When she looks back on her career in 20 years or so — maybe longer, if we have anything to do with it! — Allison wants to be able to see the impact she made on specific projects that affected the people in her community in a meaningful way. Designing a building that someone remembers for a lifetime because it made their life better is her ultimate goal.

But at the end of the day, Allison could not be as remarkable as she is without her biggest fan, her Airedale Terrier (Cue the collective, “Awwwww!”).

“Every project needs to meet the unique needs of the client, which is difficult, but seeing our projects complete and the impact they have on their users always makes the hard work worth it.”