Employee Spotlight: Sam Bohman, Electrical Engineer

Driven, Quick-Learner, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Creative.

To live by the Boy Scout Oath and Law is to live as morally as possible, while also vowing to be both mentally and physically strong. Sam Bohman, electrical engineer and Eagle Scout, took this oath and works tirelessly to keep his word.

At SHP, Sam is responsible for managing the electrical systems design for each of his assigned projects. This includes electrical service distribution, power and technology devices, lighting design and controls, fire alarm systems, and anything to support those systems.

“I really enjoy the brainstorming involved in the early stages of a project, especially as it relates to service distribution and lighting design,” says Sam. “There are so many different pieces to the puzzle floating around—some you’ll need, and some you won’t. You get to play with all sorts of combinations of pieces until you find all the edge pieces and finally have a frame to work within.”

Sam is a quick learner who prides himself on his ability to find unique solutions to difficult problems and to learn from his mistakes as he grows professionally. He credits much of his professional development to his fellow coworkers.

“I've found my coworkers to be extremely valuable resources. They have experiences that I haven't had at this point in my career, so I try to learn from them whenever I can.”
– Sam Bohman, Electrical Engineer

In the last five years, Sam has established himself as a driven and creative engineer, whose number one goal is to make a difference in the community he holds dear.

“At the end of my career, I hope that I will have made a positive impact on the people that I encounter, as well as the projects I have put my time towards,” he says.

When he needs some time to himself, Sam enjoys camping, hiking and just being present in nature whenever possible. Other hobbies include disc golf, board games, listening to music, and watching his cats do weird cat things. (See photo!)

“I really enjoy everything from weekend hikes with my wife to backpacking trips with the Boy Scout troop that I volunteer with,” he says. “I’ve also taken an interest in building and creating useful things for around the house. Recently, I made a wine rack, some paracord trivets, a pine and iron pipe desk and a waterproof pet food station.”