Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

In one way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from the way we buy groceries to how we define work-life balance. However, few areas of life have experienced quite as tumultuous a ride as education.

When the pandemic hit, educators and students alike were instantaneously dropped into a situation that was foreign to most everyone. Though this new normal was (and, for many, remains) challenging, it has certainly opened many eyes to something we’ve long embraced at SHP: when it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all.

In fact, many schools have been inspired and motivated by the pandemic to embrace different learning and teaching styles as well as the new and emerging technologies that make them possible (and effective).

The future of education looks and feels different today than it did just 18 months ago. The COVID experience has taught us some lessons and shaped new possibilities. This has lent a new urgency—and an air of excitement—to our proprietary educational visioning process, which helps our clients imagine their futures and the facilities required to realize them.

Our educational visioning process includes reviews of key trends shaping education, so your team has a common framework and language for discussing your specific future needs. Additional data for review is brought in via surveys and focus groups among stakeholders.

The core of SHP’s educational visioning process is a robust, engaging two-day workshop. This includes numerous hands-on activities—and often even a field trip to nearby facilities—to stimulate ideas and build consensus.

The process culminates with a detailed report-out that captures your school or district’s vision and describes the sorts of facilities required to support the future learning you hope to achieve.

As you contemplate how COVID has altered your school or district’s future, contact us to learn how we can bring a vision into view.