Fostering Workplace Passion Through Learning


Learning is not something that should end at graduation; it should last a lifetime. We can learn by taking up hobbies and picking up books, joining bible studies or traveling the world. But life is busy and, quite honestly, it can be difficult to make learning a priority if it’s not already a part of your workday. That’s why more and more employees expect opportunities to learn and grow in their workplace.

Businesses are finding that workplace learning initiatives are not only beneficial for their employees, but are vital for the growth of the company as a whole. Happy, engaged employees are often more productive. Enjoyable work environments foster greater creativity and commitment. But employee engagement can be difficult to maintain, and sometimes it’s difficult to find what works and what doesn’t. Studies suggest taking engagement one step further, by focusing on inspiring passion.

It’s pretty simple. If you’re passionate about something, of course you want to learn more about it! Defining your company mission and rallying your employees behind it, and engaging them in activities that help them discover and develop their talents and interests are all great ways to foster passionate learning in the workplace.

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