Permanent Improvements Through Partnership

Every year, many of our clients need to make repairs, renovations and modernizations to their facilities. Whether these necessary improvements stem from age, general wear and tear or even natural disasters or accidents, there are many ways SHP can help our clients prepare for this work.

Our SHP team is able to assist with permanent improvements by providing sound, professional guidance on the best ways to tackle this work including determining funding requirements and prioritizing needs. Our main piece of advice? It’s never too early to start planning for permanent improvements, and here’s why:

  • It can ensure that proper funds are available to make necessary improvements: Setting aside specific funding for permanent improvements guarantees the money to make these important adjustments is there when you need it. Not all necessary improvements are expected, and having funding specifically for this scope of work ensures you can make proper repairs.
  • It will make certain that contractors will be available to execute the work you need: The current market for contractors is tight and sometimes there aren’t enough hands for all the work that needs to be completed. Lining up contractors far in advance will increase your chances of the improvements being completed on time.
  • It will help save money: Summer is a long ways away, but it’s the perfect time for our education clients to conduct permanent improvement work. However, if you wait until then to hire a team, contractors will be in high demand and charging even higher fees.  Planning ahead helps save you money.

Ultimately, preparing a strategy in advance will help keep your buildings warm, safe and dry. This is where our team can lend a hand.

After we understand your general objectives, we’ll work with you to determine your facilities’ needs and assist in devising a comprehensive, five-year plan to budget. We then help to determine the best financial option based on our client’s specific situation.

We also help our clients see the big picture and choose their priorities. By taking one single improvement and putting it in context with all of the facility’s needs, we are able to decide which improvements are most necessary, which are solely cosmetic and which are programmatically appropriate.

From there, we take action. Our team has well-developed relationships with numerous contractors, so we are able to give comprehensive recommendations. And because we are working so proactively, our clients can rest assured knowing that contractors will finish their permanent improvements work on schedule.

Our SHP team serves as a dedicated and trusted advisor to benefit the clients we work with. Through years of experience, we have an extensive understanding of operational needs, as well as the critical knowledge to fulfill them. We understand how challenging it can be to plan, save and tackle permanent improvements work. In a world with endless complications, let us help make this easier for you.