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Trademark Infringement in High School Athletics

Regardless of intent, using logos, names, and mascots of professional and collegiate teams can land school districts in major legal trouble. So, what can be done to avoid it?

Mascots and logos are integral parts of high school athletics. Much of a school’s spirit comes from them. But have you ever noticed that many high schools use the exact same logos and names as that of their collegiate and professional counterparts?

While it may seem harmless, schools that take these logos and names without stated permission from the organizations that originally used them are actually committing trademark infringement, which means that they run the risk of facing legal action. Despite this, schools continue to use these marks.

Even if the victimized party is indifferent towards its illegal use, schools should take precautions to prevent the possibility of cease-and-desist letters and/or other ramifications. Trademark infringement is an off-the-field distraction that can seriously damage a school district’s finances, athletics, and reputation.

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