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Safety Is a Prerequisite for Education

Each day, approximately 54 million children in the U.S. attend school in grades K-12. They walk into classrooms large and small, urban and rural, public and parochial. Their eager young minds are ready for reading, writing, arithmetic and, of course, recess. They come armed with pencils, paper and backpacks. And roughly once per week, they come armed with a handgun.

The preceding paragraph isn’t speculation or conjecture, it’s fact. And it’s a fact that quite honestly keeps school administrators, teachers and parents awake at night. School should be a safe place for learning and growing, not a place for weapons.

Making schools safer is at the heart of a new white paper from SHP Leading Design. We have developed a slate of security recommendations for today’s schools. These options, best practices and design considerations can help any school be more safe, practical and efficient.

For example, among the design elements highlighted in the white paper to make schools safer are:

Locks – Privacy locksets allow anyone to lock the door, giving the occupants the ability to hide inside the classroom.

  • Lights – All rooms should have light switches that can be turned off by anyone in the room (that means moving switches lower to the ground in younger grades)
  • Landscape – Good sightlines allow minimal supervision of a maximum amount of space. Landscape design should be open and not allow for concealed area or blind spots.
  • Cameras – Typically used after an incident or crisis, cameras that are IP-based allow first responders to have real-time access to the feed in times of an emergency.

No one wants a crisis to occur, but for the sake of the 54 million school-aged children in the United States and the millions of staff members who care for them daily, everyone needs to be ready when one does. By designing schools with safety in mind, SHP leading Design gives people maximum protection and options in the worst of situations.

To download the full white paper, please submit your name and email address through our contact form here.

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