SHP President Lauren Della Bella and Vice President of Architecture Dick Thomas today released the co-authored book, 9 Billion Schools: Why the World Needs Personalized, Lifelong Learning for All.

The book presents a roadmap for redefining learning as a “must-have” global priority. It’s the first of many initiatives undertaken by the 9 Billion Schools Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named as a nod to the vast learning opportunities related to future population growth. Both Della Bella and Thomas serve as board members of the organization, in addition to their role leading SHP.

“By 2050, there will be about nine billion people on Earth with different abilities, interests, hopes and dreams, so there should also be, in essence, nine billion schools,” said Della Bella. “It’s time to reimagine school not as one place or experience but as life-long, life-wide and life-deep learning that recognizes the aspirations and singularity of each individual.”

With more than a half-century of combined experience designing learning spaces for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and workplaces, Della Bella and Thomas bring a fresh perspective on “cradle to grave” education to 9 Billion Schools. The book, which also includes chapters from 11 contributing authors, tackles the unique challenges and opportunities of realizing a world where personalized, lifelong learning is truly available to all.

“The pace of change in our society is rapidly increasing, largely due to technological advances,” said Thomas. “As these shifts continue in the future, we hope this book–and the 9 Billion Schools Institute–will help shape traditional education, workforce development and learning in leisure to benefit individuals of all ages and backgrounds.”

For more information about 9 Billion Schools: Why the World Needs Personalized, Lifelong Learning for All or to join the movement, pick up your copy today.