BEAVERCREEK, Ohio – Beavercreek City School District residents will be pleased to learn that the district will receive $492,051.90 in energy efficiency rebates from Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) for its use of innovative construction methods at Coy Middle School and Trebein Elementary. This sizable award represents the largest single DP&L rebate to date.

“Efficient operation of these schools over time was a priority for us and for Beavercreek School District residents, who were involved in the design and planning of these buildings,” said Bill McGlothlin, Ed.D., Beavercreek Schools’ superintendent. “We are pleased to have our planning and foresight rewarded.”

Energy-efficient construction methods and materials were used to help ensure that the new schools would operate efficiently in the future. Measures included:

  • A geothermal heating and cooling system – This closed-loop system uses the earth as a source of heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, and is expected to deliver up to 30 percent in energy savings over conventional heating and cooling systems.
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls –The structure of the building is comprised of a system of rigid, insulated foam blocks that are reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. ICF walls have a high thermal resistance value, and the insulation they provide reduces heat loss and contributes to further energy savings.
  • Daylight harvesting – High windows allow daylight to penetrate deep into classrooms, where the light level is monitored and artificial lights adjusted as appropriate. This requires less artificial light and cooling, and minimizes both electrical and cooling demands.
  • Sloped ceilings – Incorporating sloped ceilings into the design of classrooms allows natural light to be better reflected and retained.
  • Solar tubes – A tube lined with highly-reflective material leads and transports natural light from roof skylights into interior spaces, which provides more natural lighting and greater energy savings.
  • Triple-glazed glass windows – Triple glass windowpanes are separated by an air-filled space to reduce heat transfer and increase insulation efficiency.
  • Occupancy sensors and daylighting controls – Occupancy sensors detect whether a space is being used, and turn lights on or off automatically depending on whether people are in the room.

An independent energy audit of the new Coy/Trebein site revealed that the district will realize a savings of 2,224,819 kWh, or $150,000, in electric savings annually when compared to typical school buildings. Beavercreek Schools also received $86,768 in rebates for energy efficiency improvements carried out to its eight existing buildings as part of the 2008 bond issue. These rebates, when combined with the Coy/Trebein award, represent $578,819.90.

“DP&L is proud to present Beavercreek Schools with the largest energy efficiency rebate in DP&L history,” said the utility’s president, Derek A. Porter. ”The district’s willingness to use advanced energy efficiency systems will save energy and keep costs down for Beavercreek residents.”

About Beavercreek City Schools

The Beavercreek City School District is one of 14 districts statewide that earned all As and Bs in the new Ohio Department of Education report card evaluations AND met 24 of 24 indicators of proficiency by grade level and subject matter despite a shift to more rigorous standards. Beavercreek Schools strive to provide students with a well-rounded education that includes outstanding academic and extracurricular opportunities as well as instruction in a core set of ethical values such as caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. The Beavercreek City Schools Building Program was designed by SHP Leading Design.