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Trends in pedagogy—such as project-based and personalized learning—require schools that are dynamic, engaging and supportive of student-driven education. As such, student input into facility design is critical. SHP and our clients in the Winton Woods School District leaned heavily on student perspectives when designing two new buildings that will debut in 2020. And we were thrilled to share more about it at a panel discussion at SXSWedu on March 6. Learn more about how we incorporated student voice–and took “A Field Trip to the Future”–by downloading a copy of our presentation from SXSWedu.


Field Trip to the Future

Incorporating student perspectives into learning spaces is an important part of the educational visioning process… but it’s not the only one. Learn more about SHP’s approach, Field Trip to the Future.

Jenny Gallow
Senior interior designer
Jeff Parker
Director of educational visioning
Terri Holden
Director of teaching & learning, Winton Woods
Eric Martin
High school principal, Winton Woods
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When it opens in 2020, the new Winton Woods campus will revolve around the four themes students helped identify through the educational visioning process:

  • Eat & Learn
  • Community &  Culture
  • Show & Tell
  • Inside & Outside

Want to see how SHP interpreted those themes? Take a virtual tour of the the new Winton Woods High School.