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The Power of People

Roughly one in every five registered voters chooses not to exercise their right to vote—even on the local decisions that directly impact their schools, communities and wallets. Add to that an energy-draining echo chamber of the “same old, same old” ideas—where evidence-based decisions and inspiring perspectives can be hard to find—and you have a formula for frustratingly low levels of community, voter, donor or alumni support.

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Yet some of the same data that powers national campaigns can inform how your district will reach voters, initiate enthusiasm, and garner support for school ballot initiatives. Nailing it is part science, part analytics, and part experience. And it’s what SHP does every day. To date, we have helped our clients secure more than $2 billion in school construction funding and more than $100 million in capital campaign funding.

Voter Analytics

SHP can assist clients with operating levies and bond issues, working to provide the evidence and expertise to get those measures passed. Our proprietary voter analytics software, TargetVote©, leverages publicly available information on the residents in your district. We identify missing voters, recognize trends… and can even predict voter turnout. These insights allow your campaign to develop a unique outreach plan to reach and motivate potential advocates.

Strategy and Communication

Through insights gleaned from TargetVote©, our team supports your school district’s campaign leadership and core stakeholders to craft and commit to a unified plan. Our staff of communication pros, graphic and web designers, and marketing experts offer extensive strategic planning sessions to hone a communication strategy that will spread your message and rally community support.

Fundraising Support

SHP is proud to support our clients at every step of their fundraising journey. From defining donor opportunities to developing 3D visualizations to creating engaging collateral, we work with you to determine what assistance looks like and what defines a “win”—and then, we deliver.

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