Engaging the Public in Community Projects 05.04.18

…input on the project’s design throughout the design process. Informal community events: We attend community gatherings like fish fries, brewery openings, and other events to meet people where they are….

The Pandemic and the Pivot 11.02.21

…committee and the Board of Education’s final recommendation. After considering all the factors and multiple rounds of input from the community, the Sycamore Board of Education approved the $127.5 million…

Filling a Critical Gap 08.11.17

…economic development. In my view, investing in adult education programs designed specifically to address local business needs is simply another form of economic development. And working one-on-one with local community

Designing in a Global Crisis: A conversation with the director of a public library system 05.18.20

…on education in this country. This is the most interesting education lab experiment that’s ever been done. There’s been such a tremendous rupture in the way we do traditional education

Thinking Beyond COVID-19, Part Four: Design & Experiential Innovation 07.16.20

…as before: experiential innovation. Design Innovation First, let’s consider the word, innovation: the process of imagining and delivering new results that may or may not be directly dependent upon past…

Digging into the Details: Involving the Community 05.23.22

…of the entire community, so the entire community’s input is extremely valuable to our designers and architects. In addition, people who have lived (and will, for generations to come!) in…

Peck Elementary: Exploring Connections to the Community Through Expeditionary Learning 04.15.22

…integrity, excellence, inclusion, diversity, strength of character and leadership. Like other progressive educational models, EL is rooted in a student-centered environment that promotes creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving….

(Re)Defining Common Spaces: High School Auditorium Design 06.12.18

…much larger population. In many instances, today’s high schools double as community centers. The opportunities for after-hours uses – mayoral candidate debates, community health fairs, adult education, guest lectures –…

Innovation on a Budget 06.16.21

…costs along the way. [/perfectpullquote] Innovation Requires a Collective Mindset The effective search for and deployment of cost-saving innovations require that all stakeholders—school boards and administrators, architects and designers, builders,…