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A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a highly regarded, national organization that champions personalized learning for all students so they’re better prepared to flourish throughout their lives. It was our firm’s challenge—and pleasure—to design...

Well Design at Work

...for relationship well-being. 3. Psychologically well: Mental fortitude and reasoning ability; The Mind. This is an area of great fascination involving workplace design. How do we, in what we design...

The Future of Workplace Learning

...also been linked to workplace design, and it’s been suggested that workplace design can have an impact on the attractiveness of employers to potential job candidates. Likewise, professional development opportunities...

Workplace Restart Readiness: What’s After Next?

The recent months have been challenging for strategic design. Workplace strategy has experienced that same cascade of disruption that all work, learning, and living is experiencing. Every day our social...

Changes Coming to Workplace Strategy and Design

...advance the next evolution of strategic workplace design, such as: What if the current conditions of remote work become the advantage of working as a high performing “distributed” team? It...