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A Turning Point in the 2030 Commitment

Ten years ago, SHP signed on to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment to work toward achieving zero carbon emissions in our projects by the year 2030. Now...

Employee Spotlight: Susan Woollum, Office Manager

Organized. Efficient. Passionate. Competitive. Creative. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This isn’t just Susan Woollum’s professional mantra, it’s practically her way of life. If you’ve ever visited our...

Employee Spotlight: Kyle Miller, Project Architect

Leader. Passionate. Diligent. Detail-Oriented. Team Player. Architecture is about more than just creating a building. To be a great architect, you must be skilled in the craft, open-minded to...

Employee Spotlight: Abby Anastasio, Project Architect

Hardworking, thorough, pleasant, dedicated “Do your best every day. Never stop learning.” This is the mantra that guides project architect Abby Anastasio’s professional and personal life. As a proud mother...

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

Todd Thackery listening to community input at Fairfield CSD. In one way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from the way we...