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What Does Your Playground Smell Like?

...role in designing outdoor learning environments. The scents, aromas, fragrances and odors associated with playgrounds can be transformative, and to my way of thinking, are just as important as what...

What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

...Let’s look at each of these as they pertain to early childhood outdoor learning environments. Tactile Experiences As infants, we begin to explore being alive by taking things into our...

What Does Your Playground Look Like?

...encourages freedom of exploration, which is one of the most valuable outdoor learning tools of all. For example, asphalt is not visually appealing, but it teaches children how to run,...

What Does Your Playground Sound Like?

...and suppose what the world is and their place in it. They have boundless curiosity, the biggest dreams. When building outdoor learning spaces – and let’s face it, even on...