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What Does Your Playground Look Like?

...encourages freedom of exploration, which is one of the most valuable outdoor learning tools of all. For example, asphalt is not visually appealing, but it teaches children how to run,...

What Does Your Playground Sound Like?

...and suppose what the world is and their place in it. They have boundless curiosity, the biggest dreams. When building outdoor learning spaces – and let’s face it, even on...

Opportunities of Landscape in the K-12 Environment

Landscape design comprises much more than just grass and trees, shrubbery and flower beds. In fact, landscape design offers the opportunity to reduce costs, allow for a better environment and...

The Power of Safe Passage

...activity and challenge. A passage can also indicate place and offer a boundary of ownership, which is important for outdoor learning environments. Children can engage in caring for them, thus...

What Does Your Playground Taste Like?

So far in our series on the senses, we’ve covered how playgrounds feel, sound and smell. But as we know, children often discover the world around them first by touching...

Nature-Based Preschool National Conference Resources

From the presentation, Design Process for Outdoor Learning Environments: Licensure and Certification Resources: Local Licensure: Public Health Law Center, state by state licensing law database National Association for the Education...