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What Is a Playground For?

...to connect with nature and one another directly, and facilitate those connections through interactions with materials, both natural and manmade. There are many ways of thinking about the outdoor learning...

How Healthy is Your Building?

How healthy is your building? This is a question we’ve been asking our clients—and ourselves—since before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Coronavirus brought into sharper relief a trend that is slowly...

What Does Your Playground Smell Like?

...role in designing outdoor learning environments. The scents, aromas, fragrances and odors associated with playgrounds can be transformative, and to my way of thinking, are just as important as what...

What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

...Let’s look at each of these as they pertain to early childhood outdoor learning environments. Tactile Experiences As infants, we begin to explore being alive by taking things into our...