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What Does Your Playground Feel Like?

...Let’s look at each of these as they pertain to early childhood outdoor learning environments. Tactile Experiences As infants, we begin to explore being alive by taking things into our...

Surviving and Thriving for 120 Years

...An SHP-designed auditorium renovation followed in 2001. We also completed a 262,000-square-foot renovation to preserve the school’s historic, classical architectural features while delivering an advanced, wireless learning environment, collegiate-sized gymnasium,...

Innovation on a Budget

...contributors of community growth. As for program choices, there’s been another movement afoot for some time now in which schools are embracing multiple approaches to teaching and learning: team-based, peer-to-peer,...

Early Innovation for Early Learners

...theories behind how this came to be are nonetheless insightful. The idea that children ages five and younger are not only capable but literally in the midst of actively learning...

SHPodcast: Top Takeaways from SXSW EDU

In March, three SHPers attended SXSW EDU to immerse themselves in the pressing issues, big ideas, forthcoming innovations and opportunities facing educators and administrators from pre-school to college. In our...

(Re)Defining Common Spaces: High School Auditorium Design

...provide only marginal support for auditorium, theater or performances spaces. So why has the high school theater gained prominence? One auditorium, many learning opportunities Renewed enthusiasm for high school performances...