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The Power and Promise of Work-Integrated Learning

part to make work-integrated learning even more prevalent and available. When working with clients to envision CTE programs and the facilities necessary to realize them, we believe that there are...

Five Spaces That Advance Student-Centered Learning

...design, as you’ll see in the photo to the left, individual workstations and café tables surround the school’s two-story learning stairs. Dining becomes an integral part of the learning experience....

A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

a Learning-Centered Workplace. As an organization deeply committed to the power of personalized, lifelong learning, KnowledgeWorks needed its workplace to both enable and encourage the discovery and sharing of knowledge....

Shaping Your Future Via Educational Visioning

...educational visioning process includes reviews of key trends shaping education, so your team has a common framework and language for discussing your specific future needs. Additional data for review is...

The Ten Design Principles of Expeditionary Learning

idea never returns to its original dimension.” The Responsibility for Learning In EL, learning is the responsibility of every individual and the group. In other words, learning is both personal...