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Increasing Innovation in Higher Education

on higher education spaces, but one thing still struck me as clear: the needs of higher education, while nuanced, aren’t as different from the needs of P12 spaces—and even corporate...

SHP Considered for Two SXSWedu 2019 Panels

District has implemented project-based learning, SHP has helped plan new facilities with an educational visioning method that allows students, parents, teachers and administrators to come together to plan a school...

Are Makerspaces this Generation’s Computer Lab?

in schools across the country lined with tables, large monitors and the now-archaic CPU towers. Computer lab time was scheduled and separate from traditional disciplines, something where “keyboarding” was taught...

Branding a Building to Recruit, Refresh and Re-energize

...“wraps” in the highly trafficked lobby that included graphic representations of the school’s values, e.g. leadership, compassion and more.   Painted columns in the media center and hallways, displaying school...