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Physical Modeling in a Digital World

...fact that an icon of our industry—physical scale models—has all but been replaced by digital versions. As is the standard practice today, at SHP we mostly model our projects digitally...

Design LAB 2016 with “Architect Mike”

...as an architect at SHP Leading Design (the firm that designed Pleasant Ridge Montessori School to become the first public K-12 school in Ohio to achieve LEED Certification), the opportunity...

A Look Inside Chillicothe City Schools

“The spaces are rather messy. This makes the designers happy!” observed SHP’s Jenny Gallow during a recent visit to Chillicothe Intermediate School. But why would a chaotic and crowded ELA...

Sticks and Stones: Uses in Outdoor Ed

...sticks and stones can be used in outdoor classroom design and curriculum. What are some of your favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or email me at EMelvin@shp.com....