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Four from SHP Receive ALEP Designation

more, visit www.A4LE.org. About SHP Leading Design: As a national educational design expert, SHP Leading Design offers a complete line of planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction administration and facilities...
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Today’s Assignment: Design Your New School!

...After all, who better to tell architects, designers, educators and the community how to achieve spaces that support transformative learning than the students themselves?! That’s why SHP firmly believes that...

Architecture’s Role in Combating Climate Change

Climate change is a scientifically undeniable phenomenon that has already exerted negative effects across the globe, and—barring massive worldwide interventions—it ’s only going to get worse. As inhabitants of a...

A Turning Point in the 2030 Commitment

Ten years ago, SHP signed on to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment to work toward achieving zero carbon emissions in our projects by the year 2030. Now...

A Smart Design for KnowledgeWorks

...prescient, explained Project Lead and Vice President of Architecture at SHP, Jeffrey Sackenheim. “The new KnowledgeWorks space is particularly interesting and timely because it reflects what many organizations are grappling...

3D Scans and X-Ray Vision

...clients have moved into a space that SHP designed (Click here for a behind-the-scenes view into SHP’s very own Cincinnati headquarters). On one recent project, our team took a Matterport...