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Guest Blog: City Space – Height and Hierarchy

...built community had established itself as more receptive of my attention. So perhaps size is important, and maybe bigger is better, but it seems that this perception is only fleeting,...

What Is a Playground For?

...community, growing out of a collaborative and inclusive process that engages all stakeholders, from the youngest to the oldest. Each point of view must be reflected in the final design....

The Age of the Neo-Traditional Student

...cutting the mustard when it comes to ensuring the Neo-traditional student success throughout their education and after. Several universities and community colleges are making bold commitments to their Neo-traditional student...

Building Better Brains

...addiction. Community Involvement There is growing recognition nationwide of the importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and the need to increase access to it. In our region (southwest Ohio and...

Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...see people starving. I don’t think lack of money is the problem. It’s a lack of dignity, glue for a community, meaning, purpose in life… things that a job is...