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COVID-19: An Opening for CTE to Take the Mantle

...they would like to get more real-world skills and know-how during high school. In addition, only 11% of business leaders think our current education system effectively prepares students for success...

The Class of 2033: A Series Introduction

recent years, K-12 education has been in the midst of monumental change. From student-directed learning and flipped classrooms to an emphasis on emotional intelligence, education has been reshaped in the...

Introducing the New Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center

years-long process to better prepare the community’s young learners, who are routinely underprepared for elementary school. It includes an innovative prototype classroom originated by SHP’s PK-12 Education Studio, which features...

Architecture’s Role in Combating Climate Change

...every person, every office building and every community can take today to help. I found it especially helpful, but also distressing, that the report breaks down potential actions into two...