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The Pandemic and the Pivot

engaged in educational visioning to evaluate the current shifts occurring in education, clarify what the future of education looked like for the district and what facilities would be needed to...

Enriching Education Through Interior Design

...this translates to intentionally designing for people with disabilities, different learning styles, pedagogies and educational philosophies, and even individual teaching styles. “We often say that the educational delivery method drives...

Digging into the Details: Involving the Community

the project educationally fantastic? Is it financially responsible? Is it community-supported? We have found these three facets to be most important to nearly every stakeholder involved. Once these are accounted...

Engaging the Public in Community Projects

sessions offer opportunities for more conversation and team-based work. Community action teams: In partnership with the client, we assemble community action teams comprised of community and business leaders who provide...

Introducing the New Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center

educational, curricular and pedagogical purposes. You can take an immersive virtual tour of the Mt. Healthy Early Childhood Center facility or read detailed case study, Grow Together, by clicking here....

Putting the Early in Early Childhood Education

How early is too early for early childhood education? I’ll let you in on a secret—it’s a trick question. Because, as the saying goes, we are born learning! This common...

(Re)Defining Common Spaces: High School Auditorium Design

...much larger population. In many instances, today’s high schools double as community centers. The opportunities for after-hours uses – mayoral candidate debates, community health fairs, adult education, guest lectures –...

Today’s Assignment: Design Your New School!

that reflect its innovative approach to education. But the district didn’t get there alone. SHP and our clients at Winton Woods were recently invited to share how the district’s educational...