To help Watson's customers "try before they buy," SHP designed an enclosed gazebo facility that showcases the indoor and outdoor entertainment company's wide variety of products.


Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

Indoor and outdoor entertainment company, Watson’s, didn’t just want to tell its customers that life’s best moments start here: it wanted to prove it. The company was looking for a mixed-use corporate headquarters that invited customers into its space for an immersive, authentic shopping experience—supporting online sales with an in-store ability to “try before you buy” on a variety of recreational furniture, fireplaces, game tables and appliances. Yet the space couldn’t be entirely experiential; Watson’s still needed space for its expanding administrative corporate functions.

To give the company and its customers the experience they needed, SHP developed a multi-modal space in three parts: an enclosed gazebo facility for customers to experience outdoor products; an indoor showroom for hot tubs and saunas, theater furniture, fireplaces, billiards and other recreational pieces; and secure second-floor offices for sensitive business functions. In all three locations, the space was designed openly to set the stage for staff-to-customer or colleague-to-colleague interaction that supported the company’s most important cultural attribute: engagement.

Project Features

  • Multi-modal space provided immersive, indoor and outdoor experiences for customers—a unique concept that reinforced Watson’s brand and culture.
  • Secure, C-suite space offered a private, supportive environment for company executives, with limited-access entry, ensuite kitchenette and private working space.
  • A flexible work environment supports a variety of work styles, from individual-focused to collaborative large groups.

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