Tire Discounters

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

Looking to consolidate its operations, Tire Discounters, the eighth largest independent and automotive service retailer in the US, sought a contemporary home office that would facilitate more fluid communication and collaboration across multiple, previously physically disconnected business functions.

Occupying a six-story historic building in Cincinnati’s central business district, the design acknowledges Tire Discounter’s proud past while supporting the company’s future with a collaborative, flexible, and adaptable workspace that can keep pace with the evolving automotive industry.

Open work areas and strategically placed departments deliver on the end goal of even better customer service, one of the brand’s hallmarks. The welcoming environment is suited not only for the employees who will work there but visiting store managers and CEOs of the world’s largest tire companies. Likewise, unique elements and spaces throughout the building reinforce Tire Discounter’s rich brand and culture.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • The jewel of the new environment is the insertion of a new 6-story floating stair that connects all of the office floors and departments.
  • An elevator car that was original to the building was salvaged and repurposed as a small group meeting space. The elevator shaft was filled in on each of the floors to gain back valuable square footage.
  • The first floor offers community-type amenity spaces, including a main professional development room, a common area with food, beverage and coffee stations, and a formal conference room.
  • The first floor is bright, airy, and inviting with no assigned seats; it features a variety of spaces and furniture solutions, which are a free domain for visitors, like store managers, who may need a space to work for the day.
  • Spaces are designed to be flexible so that they can either open up for collaboration or close off as needed. For example, the marketing department may require a higher degree of privacy for something in the early development stages before it’s ready for public consumption.
  • The technology department has a room where they can recreate the various customer-facing points of sale and interface within a typical store, enabling them to problem-solve and troubleshoot in the moment, should they get a call from the field.
  • Being on a high-traffic street corner in Cincinnati’s urban core, connectivity and activation at the street level are essential. Elements of the company’s history, accolades, and recognition are highlighted and a new six-story mural is visible to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the day.

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