Sycamore Synnovation Lab

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

This project took an old, underutilized theater space at Sycamore High School and transformed it into a multi-modal, project-based learning lab accommodating multi-disciplinary teams of teachers and self-regulated students. It serves a cohort of mixed ages including 50 students from each grade level and supports a high degree of interaction and connection between students and teachers.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • A section of auditorium seating (more formal presentations; static, upright seating).
  • A tiered/stepped informal seating (more casual postures, variety of points-of-view).
  • A moveable soft seating and lounge furniture (mobile and reconfigurable; casual; sitting, lying, lounging).
  • A high-top tables and stools (also mobile but more formal; group work; standing and sitting).
  • A work-benches/lab space (task-focused, flexible; standing and sitting).

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