The new addition provides space for a new business office, two new classrooms, expansion of the library, and a new art studio.
Summit Country Day’s new art studio provides a collaborative space to spark student creativity.
The renovation and expansion of the Science Research Institute doubles the space for science curriculum and offers new laboratories, including a flex-lab and special studies lab.

The Summit Country Day School

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

Following the collapse of The Summit Country Day School’s Upper School in January 2004, the private school in Cincinnati, Ohio enlisted the help of SHP. Our team’s first task was designing the new Lower School on time for the start of school in August 2004. Since then, SHP has completed $16.5M of projects for Summit Country Day including the renovation of the Upper School and a five-floor addition. The new addition provides space for a new business office, two new classrooms, expansion of the library, and a new art studio. The project also included the renovation and expansion of the Science Research Institute, doubling the space for science curriculum by offering science labs with appropriate space, advanced equipment and flexible furniture to support in-depth research projects. Addressing sensitivity to not having construction occurring while school was in session, SHP delivered the addition in a 13-week accelerated schedule—demonstrating our ability to deliver projects under extremely tight deadlines.

“The Summit Country Day project is one that I’m extremely proud of. It was a once-in-a-lifetime situation, and I never felt more certain that I was the perfect fit for this job. It challenged me to my limits, but what a ride!” – Ron Hicks, SHP Vice President

“My first job for SHP was Summit Country Day. I shared the on-site trailer with Ron Hicks. It was extremely fast-paced. There were a lot of… animated conversations during the project. But it was so cool to design something one day and see it being built the next. I learned a lot.” – Mike Shoup, Project Designer

Year Completed


Project Features

  • The design supports the safe movement of students from inquiry-based labs, to group discussions, to seminars within the lab space while addressing the needs of different types of learners.
  • Sit-to-stand biology lab tables are equipped for gas, water and electricity.
  • The Science Research Institute lab space supports independent research projects in all areas of science. Island benches enable students to leave their experiments in place.
  • A meeting table offers space for seminar-style courses or collaborative group work. Lab prep areas for each science area of study ease collaboration between faculty and students.
  • New dining/commons and library facilities were developed in the areas that were left vacant by the collapse in 2004.
  • Upgrades to the stadium team room and press-box facilities.
  • The total replacement of the Upper School mechanical system to a more efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system.

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