Staffmark utilizes informal work areas to inspire collaboration.
Flexible spaces for varying work styles of individuals in different departments.
‘Doing more with less.’ The office still feels open and large despite the downsize.

Staffmark Cincinnati Office

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

SHP was excited to design and construct a new corporate headquarters for Staffmark, one of the Top 10 commercial staffing companies in the United States. The 37,000 square foot office space was consolidated into a single efficient floor plan, considerably different from their previous five-floor design.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • Informal work areas, distributed coffee bars, huddle areas and a 500 sf collaboration theater encourage inter-departmental sharing of information.
  • 110 sf per employee.
  • More efficient space planning in order to maximize the investment in the physical space. The company calls this ‘Doing more with less.’

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