Mt. Healthy Preschool

Mt. Healthy, OH

Project Description

Consolidating their preschool program into a central location, this new 400-student preschool facility offers five distinct “houses” or “neighborhoods” that offer manageable scales and distances for little legs to travel.

Expected Completion


Project Features

  • Five “Houses” each with five classrooms serving 16 children each, surround a shared commons/large-muscle area.
  • “Messy” and “Quiet” spaces alternate between classrooms efficiently offering all access to kitchen/wet zones as well as small-group/reading spaces.
  • “Clipped corner” classrooms provide the flexibility of the “fat-L” while maintaining clear lines of sight throughout the classroom.
  • View windows are located low in the space, at the scale of the students, freeing the walls above for display/documentation of student work.
  • Perimeter skylights offer daylighting, washing the walls with ever-changing patterns of shade and shadow from the partially exposed structure.

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