Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

A new office space is rarely just about packing up and moving desks from one location to another. Often, a shift in space sets a new cultural foundation for an organization. For gyro, this shift came at a time when the organization was finalizing its acquisition of another agency. With offices in Chicago and Cincinnati, the move immediately positioned gyro for further expansion into the U.S. But it also presented a challenge: how do you build a company culture that resonates not just locally, but globally? For this move, the new office needed to reflect the first step toward a new kind of gyro: interconnected, integrated and international.

SHP designed new gyro spaces in Chicago and Cincinnati to be places where staff on both sides of the merger — and both sides of the pond — would feel at home. Each location took visual cues from one another to provide cultural benchmarks for teams in different buildings. The result: a space promoting creativity and transparency, with features such as glass conference rooms and flexible gathering spaces.

Project Features

  • Materials from previous spaces were creatively recycled to achieve both cost savings and as a nod to the firm’s heritage.
  • The gyro Cincinnati office was awarded the 2010 Award for Built Work, New Construction & Renovation of Interior Projects by the IIDA+ASID.
  • Offices in Chicago and Cincinnati were designed to provide a consistency for clients and personnel who traveled between locations.

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