Dickey Broadcasting

Atlanta, GA

Project Description

Culture is a vital component of any organization, and the workspace should reflect that. This creates the foundation for a space built around a common goal and purpose. For Dickey Broadcasting, sports are everything. More specifically, this sports broadcaster lives and dies by its hometown stars, the Atlanta Braves. The company enlisted SHP to help bring the sports fanatic culture to life in a space that supported administrative and broadcasting needs. In the end, Dickey Broadcasting let its true colors fly with an open, collaborative space that fueled employee passions while still supporting critical sales, marketing and promotional functions.

Project Features

  • Multipurpose space developed to support both front-end and back-end business functions.
  • Approximately one-quarter of the space was devoted to sound-sensitive radio booths, while the rest of the building remained open to supporting collaborative work.
  • Cultural elements defined the look-and-feel of the space, providing a visual point to reinforce their brand and culture.

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