Delaware Area Career Center Expansion

Delaware, OH

Project Description

Consolidating two campuses into one for Delaware Area Career Center, this project entailed the renovation of 100,000sf and a major addition of 120,000sf to deliver an innovative, future-focused educational facility. The design addresses the rapidly changing needs of education through student-centric, individualized learning environments that are highly digital and spaces that support active learning and collaboration.

To learn more about the planning and design of this facility, click here to view our DACC Case Study.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • A variety of learning environments support various group sizes and learning modalities and over 20 career technical programs, including Construction, Power Sports & Diesel and Welding. Instructors are not assigned to a particular space but to a group of students.
  • The interior creates an open and engaging environment that fosters collaborative and individualized learning.
  • The exterior design delivers a vibrant new image that engages with the community and builds excitement about technical education.
  • An informal learning commons supports peer-to-peer interaction. The use of glass and large operable doors allows spaces to open up to each other and adapt based on student and staff needs.

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