Team breakout rooms, mock interview spaces and innovative spaces provide students with a real world feel of business practices.
The central element of the design is the Kiva, a round room with curved sliding doors surrounded by a continuous gallery space. The Kiva is able to transform from a central lounge and gathering spot, to a multi-purpose classroom supporting multiple groups at once, to a focused presentation/collaboration space seating more than 35.
Updating locker rooms, coaches’ offices, trainer room and advanced weight and cardio room were also part of the design.

Deer Park Career Center

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

SHP worked with The Deer Park Community City School District to renovate its high school’s lower level and expand its unique Career Academy and athletics facility. The 24,000 square foot building was designed with four goals in mind: to create spaces that foster digital learning, hands-on learning, and entrepreneurial learning; to create a flexible environment that supports various sized groups; to encourage collaboration; and to convey a professional appearance comparable to real-world settings. The project was designed and completed in 10 months, making this an extremely fast paced project.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • Flexibility of the spaces is key, with the newest technology and modular furnishings allowing for the innovative use of teaching and training methods now and in the future.
  • The district wanted to fully accommodate the idea of a “BYOD-Bring Your Own Device” learning environment, with a robust WiFi and unique media lab that allows for interaction and easy connectivity. Technology will be integrated throughout the school–even reaching the athletic locker rooms with built-in projectors.

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