Delaware County District Library, Liberty Branch – In Progress

Delaware, OH

Project Description

This new 42,500sf branch for the Delaware County District Library comprises three floors of flexible, visually and functionally connected spaces that provide strong connectivity to two exterior reading gardens.

Estimated Completion


Project Features

  • Asymmetrical gable roof forms and rhythmic window spacing bring a sense of contemporary expression to the modern design.
  • A central courtyard space provides a quiet outdoor reading area at the heart of the plan, while simultaneously bringing daylight into many of the internal areas.
  • A second-floor recessed covered porch provides opportunities for outdoor reading.
  • An inverted entry canopy pays homage to the iconic Orange Branch, providing brand consistency through building imagery within the library system.
  • Immersive technology solutions provide seamless connectivity to both the library’s catalog and beyond—allowing for video sharing and live-streaming.
  • Spaces are stratified: community-based services and meeting rooms on the first floor; administrative functions and children’s areas on the second floor; and teen and adult areas on the third floor.

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