Clark Schaefer Hackett

Columbus, OH

Project Description

For some organizations, a traditional office space is exactly the right match for their culture and operating principles. And in those cases, traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. The financial advisory and CPA firm Clark Schaefer Hackett needed private offices and a formal boardroom—staples of its industry—but still wanted to incorporate unique branded elements throughout its offices. With the help of SHP, the client’s newly designed offices in Dayton and Columbus incorporate local culture and the Clark Schaefer Hackett brand in an environment that fits its needs and supports its business.

Project Features

  • A company timeline was developed to wrap throughout the space, providing a cultural benchmark, visual brand marker and historical talking points.
  • A best-of-both-worlds design was achieved by punctuating traditional floorplans and office spaces with elements of branding, visual identity, local culture.

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