The innovative design maximizes every space such as the library doubling as a small group meeting and conference room.
A 300-foot crit wall runs the length of the building and links the class studios together.
The studios are arranged by class, providing a step-wise progression as one moves through the degree program.

BGSU Architecture School

Bowling Green, OH

Project Description

This change of use renovation transformed a 31,000 square foot, nondescript warehouse on BGSU’s campus into a bright, exciting and inspiring new home for the Department of Architecture & Environmental Design.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • The open floor plan puts learning on display, generating an energized atmosphere of creativity like that of a cutting edge professional design firm.
  • Flexible spaces that facilitate collaboration between students and with faculty.
  • Pin-up surfaces adorn virtually every vertical surface, providing the opportunity to highlight the development of the students’ work and ideas from inception to completion.
  • A row of pivot-walls delivers space between the studios and the gallery for group and individual critiques or closes them off from one another depending on the needs of the moment.

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