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Achieving Energy Efficiency at the Fitton Center

...The energy improvements arose out of what we call a “triage–level” energy audit. In order to identify potential energy conservation measures, a pair of SHP engineers spent a few hours...

Beyond the Building

...Can every building be designed to put people first? Yes. Nowhere is this concept more prevalent than in the work we do at SHP. We specialize in schools: large and...

Design LAB 2016 with “Architect Mike”

...as an architect at SHP Leading Design (the firm that designed Pleasant Ridge Montessori School to become the first public K-12 school in Ohio to achieve LEED Certification), the opportunity...

Trademark Infringement in High School Athletics

Regardless of intent, using logos, names, and mascots of professional and collegiate teams can land school districts in major legal trouble. So, what can be done to avoid it? Mascots...
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Delivering 21st Century Educational Environments

Education is changing. We see if every day in every project we work on. Technology and educational delivery are the main drivers behind this change and teachers and administrations want...
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Smartphones may be changing the way we think

Pause for a second and take a journey back to your grade school math class. As a student learning basic arithmetic–or maybe even rudimentary algebra–you very likely heard your teachers...