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What Does Your Playground Sound Like?

...the community, asking questions of faculty and staff. But the most fun we had was “interviewing” first and fourth graders. Sitting and chatting with the students at Rockwern Academy –...

Developing Brand Through Facility Design

Zane State College is a suburban community college with a variety of experience-based associate degree programs, certificate programs, workshops and occupational skills training. It is also a high performing institution...
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Unspoken Trends in Workplace Design

...public/community spaces, etc.). Regardless of building type, end user, budget, design aspirations, organizational culture – we are being asked to create the same basic types of spaces for all of...

Creating a Learning Landscape for High School Students

...and community, discrimination becomes the uncommon. Person meet persons. Project Landscape I often hear the question, “What can a high school class do outside?” The answer is: Most everything they...

An Irresistible School: The Ridgemont Story

...story offers many lessons for anyone looking to improve their schools and their community. SHP has just published a book about this journey: IRRESISTIBLE, A story of how passionate leadership...

Greg Lewis Joins SHP as Design Leader

...services. With more than 114 years of experience, the firm is committed to leading the community in innovative and sustainable architectural design. SHP has offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio...
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