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Going Green

...reduces a facility’s environmental impact but also maximizes its performance, reduces life cycle and utility costs and creates a healthier educational environment that is ideal for learning. While school administrators...
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Employee Spotlight: Samuel Tibbs, Project Designer

lifetime commitment to learning.” Lifelong learning is one of SHP’s most cherished values, so it’s no surprise it’s also a priority for Samuel, an impassioned, brilliant project designer for SHP....

Josh Predovich Celebrates 20th Anniversary

...in this time, including five projects that have been recognized by design excellence awards from Learning by Design, School Planning and Management, and American School and University, the Columbus Dispatch...

Moving Beyond One Teacher, One Classroom

...The no-room-for-personalization assembly line model of the 19th and early 20th century worked well for industry, so the logic was applied to the classroom. Since then—and especially as technology has...

More Than a Mascot: Why School Branding Is Important

...of SHP’s early rebranding projects took place in Deer Park, Ohio. When we signed on to work with Deer Park Community City Schools, school district administrators, staff and the community-at-large...