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Reducing Emissions and Making Changes

...year over year. SHP Leading Design signed up for the AIA 2030 Commitment in 2009, and has consequently been analyzing and reporting the projected energy use of the projects we...

Architecture Linked to Improved Academic Performance

...engender better learning and stronger students. The role that the learning environment can play should not be underestimated. There is truth to the Reggio Emilia concept of the environment as...

Small Changes in School Design Make a Huge Difference

After years of change in education, it’s widely regarded as fact that when teachers collaborate with one another, everyone benefits. Collaboration provides teachers with an emotional and professional support...

Building Sustainable Spaces in Schools

...are as ecologically friendly as possible, it’s important for schools to be leaders in environmental sustainability. It’s part of our focus at SHP in future-focused design that meets and anticipates...

Learning innovation in the digital age

The Consortium for Advancing Adult Learning & Development (CAALD) recently held their second annual conference to discuss what is and isn’t being done to bring innovation to the world of...