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Filling a Critical Gap

...very real and quickly looming problem: Jobs all across the world, and particularly in the U.S., are at risk of being lost to machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and… well…...

Life Goals: Education and Experience

This blog is by the newest member of our architecture team in our Columbus office, Sam Tibbs. Sam interned with SHP while he was completing his undergraduate degree, and reflects...

Schools and the Future of Work

...to grow and nurture lifelong learners, the need for workplaces to adapt to a culture and office space that promotes learning and training on the job, and the need for...

Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...down barriers to education, so that we can once-and-for-all allow knowledge, learning and skills development to provide fulfillment to all those who seek it. Automation isn’t evil, it’s a bright...

Smartphones may be changing the way we think

Pause for a second and take a journey back to your grade school math class. As a student learning basic arithmetic–or maybe even rudimentary algebra–you very likely heard your teachers...