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Approaches to Early Learning: Reggio Emilia

...Italian province of Reggio Emilia, a movement to rebuild their community by starting with the education of the youngest children. Spearheaded by mothers in the village of Villa Cella, a...

Going Green

Over the past few years, members of the educational community have realized that building sustainably is a great fit with their educational and financial goals. After all, it not only...
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Design LAB 2016 with “Architect Mike”

...program in which local professionals from the architecture, design and construction community partner with K-12 classrooms to help build projects, knowledge and community. So every week when I entered to...

Achieving Energy Efficiency at the Fitton Center

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, through its theater, galleries, community space, and art classes for both kids and adults, is a centerpiece of the Hamilton, Ohio community. Recently, the...

Reducing Emissions and Making Changes

...approximately 40% of energy use in the U.S. attributed to buildings, the architecture, design and construction community is both the problem and the solution to reduced energy consumption at home,...

The Top Five Benefits of School Consolidation

...community and the staff. While every district is unique and the decision to consolidate may not be as clear cut for some, I wanted to share five benefits Miami Trace...

SHP Mandates BIM Technology

...Building Information Modeling (BIM), the community inspired firm chose Revit because it provides a sophisticated, data rich, hands-on tool for architects and their clients. Getting Everyone on Board When SHP...
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Our Story

The origin of SHP dates back to 1901 when a sole architectural proprietorship was founded in the small town of Hamilton, Ohio. We have grown from that community-based practice to...