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Opportunities of Landscape in the K-12 Environment

...management and maintenance; How outdoor spaces contribute to social understanding; Learning and landscapes: The convergence of outdoor classrooms and STEAM curriculum. Take a look through the slides to get an...

The Power of Safe Passage

activity and challenge. A passage can also indicate place and offer a boundary of ownership, which is important for outdoor learning environments. Children can engage in caring for them, thus...

The Meaning and Purpose of Scale

...early childhood education. To these young people, everything is a miracle – trees are so tall, the school building is so big, the books are so heavy. With vast imaginations...

Three Lessons for Libraries

...so—because, in short, they encourage learning as a life-long, life-wide, life-deep™ endeavor. To stay relevant to the communities they serve, libraries continuously consider emerging technologies and trends. It’s a tremendous...

The Ever-Changing World Of Classroom Technology

A few weeks ago I wrote about 21st century learning environment “jargon” being used in the marketplace. Obviously those terms go hand in hand with classroom technology. With school starting...

Indoor Air Quality and Missing School

...cleanliness. Three of the most effective strategies for improving the air quality are ventilation, filtration, and disinfection. To remove carbon dioxide from being inhaled, some air from the outdoors is...