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Unspoken Trends in Workplace Design

education. K-12 spaces have broken the longstanding “Model-T” era planning model of double-loaded corridors stacked with the exact same classroom spaces on either side, with every kid in a desk...

Automation is a Catalyst for Positive Change

...down barriers to education, so that we can once-and-for-all allow knowledge, learning and skills development to provide fulfillment to all those who seek it. Automation isn’t evil, it’s a bright...

What Is a Playground For?

...refreshes our outlook. Whether in the form of a walk, a game, reading a book or taking a nap, the fact that the activity takes place outdoors changes our mindset...

What Does Your Playground Taste Like?

nubby, waxy surfaces and colorfully striated skins, pumpkins, squash and gourds offer incredible tactile experiences. A tomato plant is so interesting: it has a soft, distinct, sticky texture to its...

Smartphones may be changing the way we think

Pause for a second and take a journey back to your grade school math class. As a student learning basic arithmetic–or maybe even rudimentary algebra–you very likely heard your teachers...

The Fun in Blended Learning Environments

support the blended learning delivery of education as well as make a statement with the design. This allows the students who are in the blended learning labs to know that...