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Unspoken Trends in Workplace Design

got a kick out of reading comments from six esteemed and diverse professionals from the broader workplace community on what to expect of the workplace 10 years from now.  ...

The Class of 2033: A Series Introduction

...  Virtual Learning: Here to Stay. For Good. What COVID has made abundantly clear is that online and distant learning can work. Yes, there are issues to be worked through:...

Designing HVAC Systems to Last in Schools

I feel very fortunate to work with education clients to make improvements to their buildings that range from 15 to 100+ years old. Each of these buildings boast a different...

COVID-19: An Opening for CTE to Take the Mantle

...future of learning. Here’s why. Traditional College Continues to Lose Its Luster Traditional college programs have their place and likely always will. But certain trends shed serious doubt on these...